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"I was thinking about where I come from, and why I wrote songs and what was my inspiration. And how I was now in this situation the things that I'd done, I so loved, had now suddenly become a source of incredible pain for me. Suddently, there's all this money and people pulling, asking, 'Where's mine?' The wild dogs come out. The innocence of just wanting to make music was kind of overshadowed by the dark things that come along with money and success. So it's a song looking back, but at the same time, a song that's still adamantly looking forward and going, 'But I'm still going to carry on, regardless.'" (Dave Matthews)

I have been a somewhat obsessive fan of Dave Matthews (b. 1967) and the Dave Matthews Band since the late 1990s. Their incredible musicianship and constantly evolving sound increasingly captivate me as I mature as a musician. Though their library, live and studio, includes hundreds of songs, "#41" has long been my favorite. In my arrangement, I present the structure of the tune as Dave wrote it followed by a solo over the verse chords. In composing the solo section, I chose to include a few licks from my favorite live versions of the song played by the late LeRoi Moore, founding saxophonist of the band who was killed in an ATV accident in 2008, in hopes of evoking the musical spirit that got me hooked on this band many years ago. (Bunting)