Guest Artist Residency at Mars Hill University

This week I spent two days with the Mars Hill Percussion Studio, Dr. Brian Tinkel, 10-can percussion, and Cassie Swiney. We were invited by Dr. Tinkel to be a part of the first Mars Hill Percussion Guest Artist Residency. It was a great few days seeing the guys from 10-can again and meeting Dr. Tinkel and his students. There are GREAT things happening at Mars Hill. The students are hard-working, driven, and ready to learn. From the moment I walked in the door, there was always 2-3 (or more) students around ready to move, set up, or tear down equipment!

The first event was my solo recital on Wednesday afternoon. I played the four solo pieces from my upcoming recital at UNCG plus my world percussion solo, Across the Floor

Thursday morning I worked with the world music class. I played Across the Floor and my arrangement of Piru Bole by John Bergamo and discussed the blending of cultures and how to preserve as much of the original tradition as possible when playing one culture's rhythms on another culture's drums.

Later that morning, I presented my clinic, "Music Theory on Marimba: Bringing the Classroom into the Practice Room." I discussed my method book of the same name and how it can be used to get young marimba players to think more about what they are learning in music theory class when playing marimba.

Next, Cassie Swiney performed the first movement of Sejourne's Concerto for Marimba and gave a clinic on healthy four-mallet Stevens technique.

Finally, Thursday evening I performed with 10-can and Dr. Tinkel on an incredible concert. My participation in the program was on Gravity by Marc Mellits, Postludes by Elliot Cole and Mudra by Bob Becker. The concert went incredibly well and the week was a huge success. Thank you to Grover Pro Percussion and the Zildjian Company for their support!